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‘Disperse within the land and seek from the Bounty of Allah’ (62:10) The ‘Serene Haven’ Well-being Retreat aims to provide a Tranquil and Sacred space for people to participate in physical, educational and spiritual activities in the beautiful and natural surroundings in Turkey (Istanbul). Instructors: Ustadh Amir Nawaz, Ustadha Umm Hamzah & Guests


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Advice and Guidance

Imam al-Haddad’s Counsels on Hajj and `Umrah
COUNSELS ON TRAVELLING You must hold fast to all the acts of devotion which you perform regularly when you are not travelling. Do not make light of leaving any of them. You should make up any acts of devotion which you are unable to perform due to travelling when you are able to do so, if […]
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Advice for Visitors to Makkah and Madinah

Advice given by Sayyidi Habib Umar bin Hafiz (may Allah preserve him and benefit us by him) to a group from Dar al-Mustafa traveling to perform `Umrah and Ziyarah, 25th of Jumada al-Akhirah 1435 / 25th of April 2014.

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Imam al-Haddad’s Advice to the Spiritual Wayfarer

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