Serene Haven 1441

Departure Date

17 Feb


7 Days



Maximum Seats


Serene Haven 1441

‘Disperse within the land and seek from the Bounty of Allah’ (62:10)

The ‘Serene Haven’ Well-being Retreat aims to provide a Tranquil and Sacred space for people to participate in physical, educational and spiritual activities in the beautiful and natural surroundings in Turkey (Istanbul).

Instructors: Ustadh Amir Nawaz, Ustadha Umm Hamzah & Guests

Dates: 17th - 23rd February 2020

The Package will include:
* 5 Star Thermal Hotel (Segregated)
* Airport Transfer
* Internal Travel
* Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
* Horseriding
* Archery
* Swimming
* Duff & Nasheed Workshops
* Spirituality Seminars
* Boat Ride
* Visit to Topkapi Palace
* Jummah in Masjid Fatih
* Visiting the Righteous
* Visiting the Sahaba in Istanbul
* Visit to Sayyidina Abu Ayyub al Ansari (Allah be pleased with him)

***Early Bird Discount***

Double Room £395 per person

Triple Room £375 per person

*Expires 15/01/2020

Serene Haven 1441

The Serene Haven Retreat is specially designed with the purpose of acting as a spiritual Shelter in a social and tranquil environment on the outskirts of Istanbul, allowing students to experience time away from their daily routines and busy lives, with good company (suhba) in order to build bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood. This will be facilitated by being in a 5-star Thermal Spa Hotel with great facilities in and around the hotel which will accommodate and fulfil the purpose of this retreat.

The retreat will incorporate a prophetic schedule consisting of prayers, gatherings of knowledge and remembrance, visits to the historical sites in Istanbul, visits to the graves of the Sahaba in Istanbul and a visit to the great companion of the Rasul Sayyidina Abu Ayyub al-Ansari. All of this combined will bring forth an environment whereby one is able to connect and draw near to God.

A highlight for the retreat is that attendees are able to partake in a wide array of physical activities which follow the theme of the retreat. This includes prophetic sports such as Horse-riding, Archery and Swimming, alongside these, they will also be able to enjoy access to private and segregated thermal pools and spa facilities.

Built on a green field of 15 Acres, Istanbul Thermal Hotel takes place at a distance of 17 km from Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Tuzla Region, and 5 km from Tuzla and Pendik.

Wajid Sohail

Tour Director